Map Test Page

This page is for testing custom maps and providing the HTML code necessary to embed it on your site. If you like the map as it appears, copy the embed code below and insert it into your web page HTML (your webmaster will know how). If you would like to customize this map, use the form below to create a new map. Just remember that it will appear on your site exactly as you see it here so be conscious of the space you have available.

HTML embedding code:

<iframe src='' width='950' height='500'></iframe>

Not what you want? - You can modify this map using the form below.

Width         Width of the map (in pixels). Wider is better provided you have the room. Values as low as 425 will work but information windows get unruly when the map is too small.
Height         Height of the map (in pixels). Taller is better, space permitting. Values should be 300 or more. 500 produces nice results.
        The map defaults a center near Cornville, scaled so that most of the Verde Valley is in view (depending on how big the map is). You can enter the GPS coordinates of a new map center and scale it to your liking but we recommend a view that includes most of the Verde Valley.
        This defaults to 10, which is a wide view that includes hundreds of square miles. Higher numbers zoom in closer to the map center. Usually 10 to 13 is a good range but much higher than that may be too exclusive.